Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stash Sunday

This is some reproduction fabric I bought when I first started quilting. I was caught off guard in my usual cerebral way by the fact that these are reproductions of fabrics that Jane Austen used in a quilt. It was cool that such a famous writer was also a quilter -- although I assume everyone of the female persuasion was a quilter -- it was just good sense (and sensibility) to be one. So, who doesn't want to channel Jane Austen from time to time?

The project I was thinking of when I bought this fabric is totally wrong -- it requires bigger prints to look good, I think, and was something I don't think I would make now. It also required a big border of the yellow floral, which I'm not super excited about anymore. I'm debating between making a log cabin quilt with the blue in the centre of each block and as a thin border, or making a snowball quilt with the blue as little squares between the blocks.

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Beck said...

Hey Jill,
That is pretty cool that Austen was a quilter too. Recently they've made three more of her books into movies...or more recent versions of it at least. So if you've the time you should check them out.