Sunday, March 08, 2009

Stash Sunday!

I forgot about this last week! Ah well, things have been kind of hectic around here, between toddlers getting molars and me getting a cold and being overdramatic and it being March -- month of never ending winter around here. So here is some nice fabric to cheer us all up. This is most of my garden party stash. I have added a few brown and burgandy prints, so its all ready to make a happy, simple quilt. I love this fabric so much, that I had it in my happy fabric cannisters for a while, and I had to move it into one of my bins. I could not get any of my Christmas sewing done with it staring at me, calling "Sew us! Sew us!". I can't wait to work with this fabric.

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Lisa said...

Just love your stash! :-)

Lisa (flickr lmdesign7)