Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Thank Yous and A Giveaway!

Extra hooray for Katy at Im a Ginger Monkey! I finally won a giveaway on the great destash giveaway day! I received these lovely squares from Domestic Anarchy . She was generous enough to ask me what colours I wanted, and cut squares according to my wishes. I said not too many pinks, since I'm the only girl around here, and I received this fun collection:
And this is my haul from the Feb. A Little Fabric, a Little Chocolate swap on Flikr from Meg. You should check out her amazing bags at her etsy store . The strawberry pincushion is super cute in real life, and the chocolate was delicious (it is very much in the past tense) and the fabrics are great! The one on the far end is a giant stylized bee print by Tula Pink. Fantastic.

And now, drum roll, please! This is my 500th post! Do you beleive it? I've been blogging since 2005. It is funny to go back -- my blog was a lot more wordy then. There is a post about my first trip to a fabric store to get ready for my beginner quilting class. Andrew was a toddler and Aaron was a twinkle in his dad's eye. I had not even heard of Flikr or html or swaps or had any experience with the blog community. I just took a leap in the dark and decided I wanted to write about my life. I think in my first year I had about 6 hits a week (all my friend Kris). And now, look at all the fun I'm having! I feel like I live almost as much of my life online as I do in real life these days.

So, in celebration, I am going to have a giveaway to show my appreciation to you, my dear readers and swap buddies. I will pick two winners from the comments below. You may pick from either a set of scrappy coasters something like these but in blues and greens, or a happy spring doll quilt. Let me know which you would like. I will leave this open until March 20th.

How can you win? Leave a comment and introduce yourself -- give me two interesting and one boring fact about yourself. And/or tell me one thing you enjoy about my blog. Hope to hear from you all soon!


Shannon Hillinger said...

Hey, I'm Shannon, and I live in Seattle. Thank you for the giveaway!
1) When I was a baby, my parents were crowned Prince and Princess of AnTir, because almost no one showed up to the Crown Tourney.
2) We have 3 corn snakes named Pestilence, War and Death. We used to have a Burmese Python named Famine, but she lives with a tiger tamer in Vallejo now.
3) I have insomnia.

Lisa said...

Nice to meet you and congratulations on your 500th post. I have not even had a 100th yet. LOL!
1. I sang at Clintons presidential religious inauguration service in Washington D.C.
2. I have done singing tours and have been in live recordings and studio recordings.
I am addicted to the computer. LOL!

Lisa (flickr lmdesign7)

Sue Cahill said...

Hi, this is Sue.

I live in beautiful Niagara Falls, NY and I can see Canada from my bedroom window.

Also I am a descendent of the last passenger that stepped off the Mayflower.

My feet and hands are huge.

Congrats on 500 posts, that is an awesome milestone!

I would really love the little quilt.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Kristen said...

Hi Jill, of course I'm not going to miss out on your 500th post give-away...
I'm Kristen, I live in Saint John.
1. I live a strange parallel life to the Chapman family
2. I met Mr. Dressup when I was 12...but I was dissappointed that I didn't get to meet Casey or Finnegan.
3. I read a lot
I am proud to be your longest most consistant reader. It's funny that you mentioned the coasters because I was just browsing through a lot of your old posts looking for that cake picture and saw your coasters and was thinking how cute they were. 'Hint' Love you Jill!

Kristen said...

Oh and I forgot what I love about your blog...I love your blog because I can hear you when I read.

Kristin said...

I'm Kristin, from the other side of the province. :)

Today, I'm sitting with a heating pad and plenty of advil because I hurt my back yesterday. I know that's not an interesting fact, but it's coloring my thoughts enough to not be able come up with some interesting facts. Or perhaps I'm just boring.

Since our hubbies do the same job, and we ended up moving to where we now live under similar circumstances, I enjoy reading your blog because even though we're not close geographically, I know I'm not alone. Oh, and your quilting projects are really lovely, especially to a non-sewer like me :)

Katy said...

me me me.
I'm know me...I'm very nice. hehehe.
Interesting facts? Um.
In my head I can sing like Mariah Carey, only better (it apparently doesn't translate as such when I open my mouth though)
I can also dance better than Michael Jackson (again, this doesn't translate to when I move my feet...)
I collect vinyl toys from Japan, and don't let the kids touch them.

I am super easy - coasters, doll quilt, anything you make would be more than welcome in this house :D

Celeste said...

1. I love to cook - I mean REALLY love to cook!
2. I teach preschool :)
3. I'm actually a girly-girl who loves auto mechanics!

contact me at:

Celeste said...

P.S. I'd love to have the coasters! I actually really need knew ones! :)

lil said...

I'm Lil from Luxemburg in europe and we have been partners in the chocolate and fabric swap some months ago

I'd love to have the doll quilt

now to my answers
1) I will go to africa later this year to give quilt classes in an orphany
2) I love to travel and cook the receipes I collected from all over the world

I live alone, just with my cat

Digital Misfit said...

wow congrats on 500 posts! I hope I have that kind of stamina with my blog!

To introduce myself, my name is Heidi (though I am commonly known online as Digital Misfit).
Strange and boring facts about me:
1) the secret I submitted to was used in the All American Rejects video for "Dirty Little Secrets" (no, I won't tell you which was mine, but if you watch the video you can giggle trying to figure it out!)
2) I am agoraphobic. I rarely leave the house and I do take medication to help. Fortunately my sewing and art amuses me at home.
3) I wish I blogged more frequently, but I am shamefully lazy.

As a dollmaker, I would LOVE to win a happy doll quilt!


Mary said...

Am I too late?
My name is Mary, I live in Wisconsin.
1. I have an identical twin sister. She is 1 minutes older than me.
2. I hate condiments...ketchup,mustard, mayonaise. Yuck.
3. I am right handed.

I like the coasters!