Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A sticky situation

So, it was snack time. Andrew had asked for bread with jam (his favorite thing these days), and I had explained to him that there was no bread right now, so he would have to have fruit instead. I started cutting up some apples, when I saw Andrew walk by with a jar of jam. I said, "Don't open that jar of jam."

I saw him put the jar of jam on the counter and walk away. About five minutes went by, and I was just about finished cutting apples, when two very sticky, smiling boys rounded the corner. We are talking jam on their faces, their hands, and Aaron's clothes and socks. Trying not to laugh, I wiped them up and went to see what had happened. There was grape jelly all over the living room. On the carpet, on library books, on the couch, on the table -- everywhere!

After Andrew finished his time out, we had this chat:

Me: You need to help me clean this up.
Andrew: But Aaron got the jam everywhere.
Me: But you opened the jar after Mom told you not to open it.
Andrew: Mom, you told me not to open the jam. This was jelly.


Beck said...

I can see myself having this same conversation with mine and Don's future children. :P

Beth said...

what a stinker.

Rhonda said...

:-) Sounds like my house. Just happened upon your site while blog surfing! I will be following you, I need a SAHM from cold SK on my blog list brrrr is it ever cold here still!

Kristen said...

Boys, always check on 'em when they are least you know what they are up to when they are noisy!