Saturday, March 08, 2008


For Christmas we got the boys a set of wooden building blocks. Andrew loves to be a builder, and was really frustrated trying to use ABC blocks to build with. His solution to this was to tear apart wood things in our house, like the shoe rack and the top of the toy box and use these for building. But once disassembled they became simply random pieces of wood, and wouldn't really build anything, so he would complain, "I don't have enough wood, Mommy! I need more wood!"
The set we got is really nice. Just the perfect size for him to hold in his hands and to build things that are really tall and big quite easily. What has amazed me is how he leapt from not really knowing what to do with them to building these fanciful, multi-layered castles and towers. He uses them in ways that I, as an adult, never would have thought of. For instance, the "archway" blocks are rarely ever used to make an arch. Instead he loves to set the cut out half-triangle on top of tall column, then carefully balance the archway on top of the half-circle, then build more levels onto this precarious structure. It really is wonderful to watch him work. They have really been a fantastic and rewarding toy for him.
Yesterday the late afternoon light was perfect. The sun is just starting to come back (yay spring light, if not spring thaw) and we had this cool, lovely winter afternoon sun yesterday. It made me so happy to get these cute portraits of the boys.

Do you think Aaron might be getting some teeth? Check out that baby drool.

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