Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lappy is Sick!

Yesterday, I installed some updates on my Lappy. Then I went and typed the post before this one while leaning the computer on the futon while Aaron slept next to me (he's STILL getting / not getting molars -- they are all poking through now). And then suddenly, just as I was editing it, the screen went blank and the Lappy died. This morning I managed to boot it up in safe mode and found out that Word Perfect had been corrupted, so I reinstalled that and uninstalled the updates. Then it wouldn't shut down. I finally got it to shut down, and now it won't boot up. All I get is blank screen, baby. Just blank black screen with an arrow button. So I don't know if Vista is gone, taking all my programs and data with it, or if its just hiding somewhere . . . arg. I have a copy of everything on cd, but like I know how to reinstall it all. I will give myself a day to figure it out, then I will be off to the computer hospital for repairs. Sigh. I knew it was too good to be true that I had a laptop all of my very own.

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Anna Michelle Irish said...

Poor Lappy! My Mac lappy sends it's best wishes for a speedy recovery :). I trust it's under warranty?