Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Lappy is up and running again!

Yes, that's right. No need to go to the doctor. Unfortunately there was a need for me to reboot my entire computer and lose all my information. Since I've only had the computer for a little while, and all my photos were aither burned to cd or on the memory card, all I lost was my list of favortie websites, two articles and a couple of newsletters. No worries.

I must say I now know more about Vista and my laptop than I thought I ever would, and that I will now back things up more religiously.

Update: No, the Lappy's fan is broken, I think. We're going to have to send Lappy to Saskatoon for under-warranty (I hope) repairs. Sigh. I have to phone the place tomorrow to find out how to best go about shipping Lappy.

In other news, hey, look, HTML! I also just learned how to do this - hi kris , which makes me feel like a "real" blogger. Other "realish" blog features that I have thus far resisted to come, although possibly not until I get the Lappy back.

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