Monday, March 03, 2008

Ridiculous Fish and Cat Quilt or Why you shouldn't try to sew while a 13 month old is attacking your machine"

I had a lot of fun in Feb. following along with the Sew, Mama, Sew quilting month found here ( ).
It even inspired me to add one more thing to my ginormous list of sewing projects I would like to get to. I wanted to try one of the blocks I hadn't seen before, the shoo fly. I was really interested in the idea that the secondary pattern of the blocks made a set of rectangles on each side of the centre square and a diamond in the middle, and I wanted to try playing with this by using three fabrics instead of the traditional two.
I knew I was pretty desperately busy, especially since Aaron has been walking off table tops a la Wile E Coyote lately, but I thought I could probably finish a simple 4 block doll quilt for Andrew's baby bear in short order. So I picked out some fabrics I loved and made four of these:
At least I thought that is what I made. I actually put one together, then photographed it, then went back and made the other three. But because Andrew kept insisting I stop to "heal" him from his motorcycle acciden
ts, and Aaron kept climbing up and trying to steal my thread and get his fingers sewn off, and then at night (when I can often get an hour or so of sewing in) Aaron kept waking up all congested and teething and miserable, I was sewing in short bits and pieces with much distraction and interruption. So apparently, without noticing until I had the whole thing together and sandwiched with some flannel backing, I had done this:
Yes, indeed. Not only are two of the top rows put on the wrong blocks so that one block has fish on two sides (instead of one) and one block has cats on all four sides (instead of three), but I had sewn one of the triangle-squares on upside down. And then trimmed the block without noticing it. Arg, arg, arg.
So, in ALL my spare time, and with many other better things to do, I decided that I could not leave this like this. Andrew, at 3, doesn't really care, but it would irritate me every time I saw it, so I had to pull it all apart and stitch it back together again. Because I had already squared all the blocks up, they were all wonky when I put them together again, so none of the points match now. And that is what I get for trying to prove my quilting prowess to the amazingly talented people of the crafty blogosphere. My worst, most disastrous project since Sam's monkey quilt turned pink a year and a half ago. Ah well. The finished quilt looks all bright and sparkly and lovely from a distance.
And Soxul Furry likes it all the same.

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bettyninja said...

I do give you credit on the toddler end. You still managed to eek out some work. Very nicely stitched by the way.