Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What AM I going to do with all that Freshcut fabric, you ask?

Well, Dana from Old Red Barn Co. did. Check out her blog and the contest she's running tomorrow for a lovely quilt here:

I think I will probably do this:

Only mine will be more lovely because it will not have such terrible fabrics. I'll use the cream flowers for the outside squares, and the peach and brown mums for the cetre four squares, and maybe . . . the lotus for the cetre square. Then use one of the bright greens or yellows for the "stars" and the jellybean brown for the small purple print. I might cut out the yellow zig-zag frames all together. I'm still trying to decide wether they're integral to the design of the quilt or not . . . but yeah, its pretty quick, and will show off the big flowers nicely.

Or I might just do 8" squares of all the freshcut and lotus prints I have surrounded 4" creamy sashing. I really do hate chooseing what to do with this fabric. Its so pretty I am afraid to ruin it by cutting into it. But its not doing it any favours to leave it in my bin to be brought out, admired and put back, now is it? Hmm . . .

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