Thursday, March 20, 2008

Latest Little Odds and Ends

As usual, I've been using my spare moments to whip up a few little things. First, I finished Morwyn's Christmas / Birthday present. Um, yeah, so its 3 months late. I cut out MR-1 at the same time as I cut out the boys' robots, but then never got the time to sew and embroider her. She sat patiently in a drawer, pinned together, just needing me to sew the two sides of her body together and give her a face and control panel. I think she's quite sweet and charming, overall. Lisa said Morwyn (who is Aaron's age) would like it as long as there were "things to tug on", thus the little orange felt "switches". I love her face, I think if I do any more robots I will do the face like this -- the embroidered eyes are very charming. The embroidery is really gimpy and uneven, and I'm sure Lisa will make fun of me for it, but thats okay, becuase its done and its cute.

I also made these two little pincushions. The pattern is designed by Heather Bailey . The fabric for mine (the yellow and green one) just makes me happy. I am also happy to have a pincushion. Up until now I have been using the back of a magnetic business card to hold my pins as I sew. But I thought this would be more cheery and also easier to move around quickly when Aaron goes to grab for all my pins. It was eating my pins, though, so I had to open it up and put more stuffing in it. The pink and turqoise one is for Lisa (Christmas again). I made it second, so it should be good for stuffing thickness. Note to self after finishing this project: Buy a thimble.

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