Saturday, March 29, 2008

Supper with Alexi Leonov

Yes, thats right. I had supper with the first man to walk in space today. And this morning I got some toast and tea for Neil Armstrong. Yesterday it was Yuri Gagarin who was drifting around our house, riding motorbikes (apparently a prerequisite for being an astronaut) and getting covered in playdough space ships. We are on a bit of a space kick here. It all started with the Backyardigans episode where they go to Mars. Which led to questions about astronauts and space. Then I found a volume of the Snoopy Science Encyclopedia in our basment (thank you library book sale - I got all 15 volumes for $10) and realized that a lot had happened since they were written in the 70's. So we trooped off to the library and found an Eyewitness - type book about the Lunar Landings. We don't actually read all the information on the pages (Andrew is only 3 and a half) but we look at the pictures and read all the little blurbs and talk about them.

I'm totally amazed by Andrew's memory for small details. He's going to be one of those kids who corrects the teacher during class lectures. This is what you get when you cross my imagination and curiosity with Dave's attention to details. Some people in our church are giving us their set of childrens' encyclopedias one letter at a time (their daughter is 31, and again they're from the 70's and pretty funny). I don't think we'll always be hearing "Andrew, brush your teeth so you can read your Encyclopedia" forever.

In other news, the Monkeys in a Barrell (Andrew's Easter present -- chocolate allergies do limit easter basket possibilities) also like toast. They have toasters attatched to the sides of their barrell house (so they don't fall out when we spill the monkeys) and they spend all day in there making and consuming toast. Sounds like our house some days.

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