Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why I Should Have Been An Upper Class British Victorian

  • ankles were all the rage during parts of the Victorian era, having been hidden under long skirts for a really long time. I have great ankles

  • clutter was a good thing

  • rather than trying to do 100 things at once, you could just demand that the butler do them all

  • I could spend my winters in London being clever and witty and my summers in my house in the country making crazy quilts and harrassing my neighbours

  • someone else would be responsible for hunting down my children and getting them dressed in the morning

  • pre-Raphelite hair was in

  • eccentricity was in

  • the winters are not so damn long in England

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Jeff, Kym and Samuel said...

And, on top of that, one could spend as much time sewing or writing without a second thought about the housework. My dilemma is always: "What will make me feel more productive and satisfied? Scraping those dried bananas off the dining room floor, or writing something no one will read?" You know, it's a surprizingly tough call. It all depends on if I feel there is anything worth writing or exactly how long those bananas have been staring at me from their new home. Or, perhaps, how MANY banana particles are overtly noticeable to the naked eye. Yeah, that last one for sure.