Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Status: March 18

What I've Been Doing: swimming and lifting weights, shovelling snow, playing with the boys, trying to figure out what is wrong with my laptop, actually keeping up with the housework (gasp), spring decluttering

What I've Been Reading: Who Let the Blogs Out (Biz Stone), Quilts and More (Spring 2008), Martha Stewart Living (sent to me in place of Blueprint), lots of crafty blogs, Scream Free Parenting, The Idiot's Guide to Being Organized, PC Magazines Guide to Vista, the Book of Ephesians

What I've Been Making: Pincusions, Morwyn's robot (last one for a while, I think), bags, multi-grain bread, fingerpaint, chicken stew

What I've Been Thinking About: the immanent decline of the North American Civilization, fabric, how Andrew's quirks irritate me because they're my quirks too, when winter will end, wether it is good or just ridiculous to try to make money from your hobbies, blogging, how fast the feedback loop is between designers and makers in the crafty part of the internet, and why all of a sudden everyone decides to like birds or the colour yellow.

What's Making Me Angry: molars peeking just above he surface of the gums but not coming in, pettiness, my own inability to keep track of everything, te immanent decline of the North American Civilization, endless winters, the sad demise of my double bike trailer / stroller, incessant whining and climbing and pestering and bossing, my inability to sew something that doesn't fall apart.

What's Making Me Happy: watching Aaron discover the outside world for the first time, listening to Andrew's descriptions of sending his bear into space or being chased by the police, watching my boys play together happily, having patterns come out of my head and work in real life, orange Lotus fabric, Thai curry with cocanut milk and no tomatos, French vanilla yogurt, bright green everything, organic apples, longer stretches of sleep at night.

What I've Been Planning: painting my house (but then, I'm perpetually planning that), "big kid" quilts, night weaning, spring time fun, youth retreats, summer vacation, my parents'50th wedding anniversary (very minimally).

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