Sunday, February 22, 2009

Child Labour -- the good kind

So, I got tired of stopping every 5 min. to break up fights while I was trying to make supper. My alternative plan: enlist the troops in cooking activities. This is sometimes easier said than done with a 4 and 2 year old. But yesterday, I put the lads on carrot duty.

It took about 45 min. to peel these carrots, and I cleaned up peelings for 10 min after that. But I also had time to make apple crisp between fishing Aaron out of the sink and encouraging Andrew, and we listened to music instead of screaming.

The day before, I let them knead their own loaves of bread, too. Aaron's got confiscated due to excessive eating, but Andrew's worked out just fine. He was so excited to cut into it for breakfast the next morning. (forgot to take a post-baking photo, sorry)

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karenfae said...

always a great idea to have the kids "try" to help. I have a old photo somewhere of one of my girls scraping carrots also - amazing to remember that now - she will be 36 tomorrow! Time flies