Thursday, February 26, 2009

Done with Bloglines

So, for the last six months or so, I have been following all my blogs via Bloglines. In case you are not familliar with it, Bloglines basically follows your blogs for you. You subscribe to a blog on it and when you log in, it highlights all the blogs that have new posts. When you check them, you just see the post, not the header or the sidebar information. For a while I thought this was really cool, becuase I didn't have to click through a bunch of sites with no new posts to find out who had written something new.

But as time goes by and I sub to new blogs, I've discovered a few things. First, without all the extra visual imput, I can't keep which blog I'm reading straight. And I can't remember which new blog is about what topic. This is all part of being a visual-spatial person, I think. I remember people by associating their names with their faces and how they move. I remember blogs not by their name but by their visual presentation.

Second, I comment less. You have to click through to the blog to comment, then click through to a comment form . . . and I just can't be bothered some days. So less comments.

Third, I miss visiting all the actual blog sites. I love seeing new things in the sidebars to click in to, or new headers.

So thats it. No more bloglines for me.


karenfae said...

I haven't used bloglines but I do use google reader. With that one when you subscribe to it, it lets you know when a new message has been posted but you have the option of clicking on the new post and it goes directly to the blog you can read that days post but if you want to see the whole blog you can click on the header normally and it opens the blog for you and you can go back in and read whatever you want from any day.

Carla said...

Good points. Perhaps it is just as well that I've never completely figured out Bloglines.

(I'm hiding under a chair and blushing while admitting this.)

moiraeknittoo said...

I second googlereader. While not all blogs have "full content" enabled, there is always a link to click to go to the blog entry. If you need a gmail invite let me know and I would be happy to send you one. Otherwise, I think you can sign up at .

moiraeknittoo AT gmail DOT com