Friday, February 06, 2009

Oh, the funny things they say and do . . .

First, a classic quote from Andrew:

"Aaron, you have to learn to share. Now, give me all the playdoh." (ah, older brothers)

Things are pretty funny around here these days. Aaron has quite an imagination, and is really verbal, so the boys are starting to play some pretty complex games together. Until Aaron gets bored and trashes them, that is.

For example, the other day, Andrew decided that Rupert the plastic night needed a birthday party. He, and several of his plastic and soft friends built a campfire (of blocks), and made hot dogs (also blocks). Aaron got some "watermelon" (a curved block), and they all ate lunch. Then there had to be party games, so Andrew and Aaron played ring around the rosy about 10 times. Then they had to have a treat, so I gave the boys some gummis I had in the house. Andrew was very particular -- the gummis had to be shared with all the knights and animals before you could take a bite. He was outraged that Aaron only gave Jonathan (the other knight) ONE bite before he gobbled his whole gummi up.

Aaron also likes to try to get in on action figure play. The only thing is, he is too little to make up a story for his guys, so playing action figures with him goes something like this:

Aaron: your guy, mommy. your guy. (I take the proffered guy and hold it up. Aaron takes his Buzz Light Year and begins talking in this funny growly voice) Hello.
Me: Hello Buzz Light Year.
Aaron: Look, my helmet!
Me: yes, that's a very nice helmet you have, Buzz Light Year.
Aaron: Look at my boots!
Me: Yes, you have very nice green boots, Buzz Light Year.
Aaron: Look, I wings!
Me: Oh, are those wings on your back? Fantastic.
Aaron: Look, my helmet!
Wash, rinse, repeat.

The other thing we are newly into around here is GAMES. We have played endless rounds of Hide and Seek in the last few weeks, and we have tried to play Duck, Duck, Goose, but our understanding of who should run and where they should end up is still rather tenative. Still, they love picking who will be the goose.

Andrew is presently hooked on fairy tales and old testament bible stories. I can't decide whether this is a good thing or not. He loves the stories from Judges, followed by first and second Samuel and first and second Kings -- that's right, all the chariot battles and gory killings and fire from heaven and lighting fields on fire by tying torches to foxes, and angelic visitations and evil kings. Ah well, as long as he knows the good guy wins in the end, that is what matters. After all, it is no worse than listening to the 5 o'clock news, is it?

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Kristen said...

Of course he likes Kings and all the other war parts of the Bible, he's a boy and try as we might to keep their play 'nice' they will make swords, guns, and generally anything that can destroy anything in their play 'sigh'...I'm taking a long time to process this myself.