Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Stash Sunday

How much do I love these fabrics? So much that I had to order them immediately, even though I was on holidays when they came out. My favorite is the orange octopus / seahorse one, although I almost equally love the purple / yellow octopus one above. I have great plans for these . . . if only I could settle on one set of great plans, it would be all good. I have some thoughts of English Paper Piecing stars with mermaids and fish spiralling out of them. Or then again of undulating pieced waves of fish and sea creatures . . . haven't made up my mind quite yet.

1 comment:

beck said...

I LOVE these fabrics. I seem to be more interested in fabrics again since having gone and done the dirty deed of buy curtains! No more garbage bag windows for me! Much to the happiness of most of my relatives. :)