Friday, February 20, 2009

Not quite so little any more

This is my two year old. Yes, in January Aaron turned two. There was so much else happening that I didn't even get a chance to blog about it! And look how big he is getting. Notice the new, slim sillouette he is sporting? That is the I'm-in-underwear-now look. Yes. Last week, Aaron decided that he was done with diapers. Every time I would put one on him, he would pull off his pants and diaper. So I put him in underwear. And a week later, he is almost always dry.

And the haircut? We were loving Aaron's long, shaggy look. It was especially cute on dry days when the static would make it fly around his head, and he would look a little like a blonde, devilish dandilion. Until one day when Andrew was at playschool. We came home and Aaron said, "My hair static-y. Get scissors. Cut my hair." So we did.

And that was the end of my little baby. Suddenly, he's a boy.

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Beck said...

wow. he SO doesn't look like he's only two! They're both growing up so fast. I'm amazed each time you post a picture of them!