Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just popping in

to say "hi". Andrew is going through the "and a half" meltdown phase he goes through every year (it being February doesn't really help either), Aaron has decided he doesn't wear diapers during the day anymore (leading to a lot of remembering to putting him on the potty every hour, washing of wet pants and generally chasing a naked toddler around the house), and I have suddenly been consumed with quilt finishing fever.

I have had the other 20 of these blocks burning a hole in the bottom of a drawer in my sewing room while I finished all my Christmas / birthday / post Christmas sewing. Now that I am done, I have started on a mad tare to finish the quilt. Once I get to the point where I am piecing big blocks together, I just get obsessive until the quilt is done. Like as in bring -a -sleeve- of- graham- crackers- and- a- sippy- cup- for- each- child- and- take- no- excuses- to- go- upstairs obsessive.

Hopefully by tomorrow night I should have a photo of the finished top for you. I wanted to have it done already, but due to some daft mis-cutting early on in this project, I don't have enough of one of the fabrics I was going to use for the border, so I've had to rummage through my stash and improvise madly.

I am feeling like the pressure is on (from no one but myself) because I was SO happy with Marie's quilt, I don't see how I can possibly make another one that is quite as awesome as it was. Take deep breath. Say short prayer to the quilting gods. Commence sewing.

Off I go.

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