Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stash Sunday

As I mentioned, I was rifling through my stash to try to find a yellow or green that would co-ordinate with my Peas and Carrots quilt. And here's what I found:


karenfae said...

looks like you have some nice size pieces in your stash - most of mine are fat quarter size or smaller.

Natasha said...

oooh gorgeous fabrics in your stash!

Carla said...

Love it. The green in the top fabric is a current favourite of Rianna. I'm sure she'd be campaining for me to make a twirly skirt for her instead of waiting for me to finish a bigger project(we were just looking at this tutorial: )

Of course since she can sew now, I would probably delegrate.

Jilly said...

karenfae -- a few of them were bought in places where you can only get 1 yrd cuts, so I have a ton of yellow in 1 yrd pieces. I tend to snip little bits off of them to put in everything to add a touch of happy.

Carla -- that is a nice fabric, isn't it? I love the Bijoux and Pop Garden stuff. So pretty. That will make a great skirt -- what other fabrics is she going to use?

Carla said...

We have to take a trip to Fabricland to decide. Rianna is decidedly less random than I am, so she will probably want some bright, but more solid fabric in with the skirt (she makes me laugh--"Um, that would be great for you Mommy, you should make it, but I like _______.")